Tuesday, December 27, 2011

iPad Is Coming to Town...Digital Painting on the Go

Self Portrait - Digital - Click to Enlarge 
Christmas night.  The Barrys were engaged in the ritual viewing of Christmas Vacation (still funny).  Clark Griswald was engaged in his pool fantasy (Mele Kalikimaka everyone).  I was engaged in a fantasy come true.  I was painting digitally on my brand new iPad - THANK YOU WIFE!

I have to say that I have been skeptical about the abilities of an iPad as an art creation tool.  I adore my Wacom tablets.  With them, I have become so accustomed to pressure sensitivity that the idea creating a painting without it could be likened to handing me a couple of stones and expecting fire.

Mr. Teeth - Digital - Click to Enlarge
I was using the $2 ProCreate app.  I can't express how impressed I was with the experience.  This app emphasizes the paintbrush, smudge, and eraser tools.  This suites my digital painting style perfectly.  Even without pressure sensitivity, I found that the size and opacity adjustments were so easy to access, that I after a few minutes I was no longer longing for my Wacom. 

Ultimately, what the iPad experience comes down to is portability.  Did I create anything that I couldn't create with my Wacom tablet and Photoshop?  No.  But I created something completely comparable while sitting on a sofa, watching a flick with my family.  

Cheers to the iPad.  

More digital sketches to come...


  1. Thank you wife, indeed! Impressive level of detail around the eye on Mr. Teeth. I always see the iPad commercial with the woman painting a landscape and I'm like "Pshh, no way." But it looks like a legit artistic tool for sure.

  2. Yeah...I was real skeptical. I totally wanted one as a comic book reader, but I'm sold. If they are ever able to incorporate pressure sensitivity, forget about it, coolest toool ever.

  3. wow excellent work - I'll be getting one in the spring, methinks