Monday, August 9, 2010

Should I call you Logan, Weapon X?

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I suspect anyone who draws is somewhat idiosyncratic in his/her subject matter.  I am certainly no exception.  I have found that my most frequent visitor in my less thought out mark-making trips to planet Blankpage is none other than Wolverine of the X-Men.  He visits often, spilling out of my pencil as though he was already inside.

This watercolor drawing was put to paper in about 30 minutes this afternoon.  No purpose other than the satisfaction of process. 

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I found this unfinished sketch from at least four years ago on the back of some work papers.  It just goes to show you - no matter how you beat the man down, the Wolverine just keeps coming back for more.  I have no doubt that I will still be scratching out doodles of the hairy Canadian when I am old and gray. 

I can hear the grandchildren already.
"Grandpa draws funny hair."

What do you always find yourself drawing?


  1. Nice work, again, sir. He looks defeated, like he needs a beer. It's the eyes. "Man those sentinels just kept coming. My back is killing me." (Five minutes later) "Ok, I'm fine." :-)

  2. I think he is watching Jean Grey smooching Cyclops and scratching the Beast behind the ears.